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Closing Costs: Title Fees

Cost From To Description
Owner’s Title Policy Title Seller Fee for title policy. Based on the sales price. May be reduced if home was purchased or refinanced in the last 5 yrs. Insures that the title is as agreed to at closing.
Lender’s Title Policy Title Buyer Issued to lender to cover the amount of the loan. Based on the loan amount unless it’s a negative amortization loan.
Sub-Escrow Fee Title Buyer & Seller Fee to administer the payoff of loans or property taxes of the seller and collection of funds from the new lender.
Document Transfer Tax County, City Seller Fee charged on all properties that transfer title. Based on sales price.
Record Release/Reconveyance County Seller Charge to record the release/reconveyance
Federal Express Federal Express Buyer & Seller Charge to deliver all time sensitive documents/monies.
Title/Wire Fee Banking Institution Seller Charge to wire funds to escrow, seller, lenders, etc.
Electronic Recording (Shipping & Handling) County Buyer Charge to electronically record the documents
Record Grant Deed County Buyer Charge to record the Grant Deed
Record Trust Deed County Buyer Charge to record the Trust Deed
Messenger Messenger Service Buyer & Seller Charge to special messenger documents during the course of escrow. Fee varies with distance.
Lender’s Endorsement Title Buyer Charge for endorsements required by lender to cover “outside the normal” risk circumstances