Buyer Process: Page 9


The Loan Process

  1. Prequalification/Interview
    The lender obtains all pertinent documentation.
  2. Order Documents
    The lender will order any documents as deemed necessary such as a credit report, preliminary title report, an appraisal on the property, verifications of employment, mortgage, rent, and funds to close escrow.
  3. Loan Submission
    The loan package is assembled and submitted to the underwriter for approval.
  4. Documentation
    Supporting documents come in. The lender checks on any problems, and requests any necessary additional items.
  5. Loan Approval
    Parties are notified of approval and prior-to-funding documentation conditions.
  6. Documents Are Drawn
    Loan documents are completed and sent to escrow. Borrowers come in for final signatures.
  7. Funding
    The lender reviews the loan package. The funds are transferred by wire transfer or cashier check.
  8. Recording of Documents
    The Title Company records the deed of trust at the county recorder’s office.